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“Early in 2011, my twin sister Linda and myself - along with our husbands Phil & John - joined forces to create ‘The Cradle’ through which we produced and marketed our very own reborn kits. Linda sculpted the originals and I reborn the prototypes so that customers could see what they may look like when completed. The resulting CradleKits, which were 100% finest German quality, were available for purchase through a completely new web site.”

“Since April 2012 I and my husband have not been directly affiliated with The Cradle, but Linda and John have taken the business forward and I have continued to reborn most of The Cradle prototypes. Shown below are my reborn versions of these CradleKits.”


Krista CradleKit

Bonnie CradleKit

Lara CradleKit

Misha CradleKit

Holly CradleKit

Mikey CradleKit

Anna CradleKit

Keiran from Krista

Bethany CradleKit

DeeDee CradleKit

Eddie from Evie

Jo - CradleKit

Chloe CradleKit

Mia CradleKit

Andi CradleKit

Belinda from Bethany

Tami CradleKit

Danielle from Andi Awake

Dani - CradleKit

Tippi CradleKit

Ellen CradleKit

Catrin CradleKit

Ani from Andi

Maya CradleKit

Jody CradleKit

Harry CradleKit

Maria CradleKit

Penny CradleKit

Lily CradleKit

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These kits are manufactured in Germany with top quality vinyl.
Although as with all reborn vinyl kits we cannot actually recommend the use of the oven to use Genesis Heat set paints, Helen always uses these paints with care in a separate oven and a well ventilated room - away from the family kitchen. This vinyl will also colour beautifully with air dry paints.